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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 May, 2015.

    SBC 23 Degree Chevy Racing Cylinder Heads

    Price:  $1,350.00

    End pads drilled and tapped for accessories/ 185cc, 195cc and 210cc Intake Ports/ 64cc, 70cc and 72cc Chambers/ Bronze guides for reduced stem wear/ Available with or without water jackets/ Whether it's circle track, drag racing or street performance the Pro-Filer All-American Series SBC cylinder heads are the solution for your big horsepower needs. Featuring powerful port designs that are packed with air speed and unbeatable, made in the U.S.A., casting technology. The All-American series gives you an edge on the market providing awesome and reliable power. Now available in various intake port runner sizes, and three different chamber sizes, you can find the right fit for your application./ Material: Aerospace Specification, A356 Aluminum Alloy (Primary Virgin Ingot) Valve Angle: 23deg valve angle to provide you with bolt on compatibility for stock accessories Bore Spacing: Standard Intake Port Volume & Shape: Oval-Shaped, PRECISION As-Cast 185cc, 195cc & 210cc Combustion Chamber: Heart-Shaped, As-Cast - 64cc, 70cc, 72cc Rocker System:Improved Solid Rocker Bar for added stability. May use standard or majority of aftermarket Rockers Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.600" Intake Port Flow: 308cfm, Intake Valve Diameter: 2.020"-2.100"/ Deck Thickness: 1/2"/ Milling: Angle - .0070" per cc Flat - .0050" per cc/ Spark Plugs: Revised location to improve flame travel. .750 Reach, Gasketed (NGK R5671A-7 or colder)/ Valve Train: Standard/ Valve Guides: Manganese Bronze to assist in extending valve life/ Spring Pocket: Maximum of 1.650 (no deeper)/ Valve Seats: Steel/ Valve Length: Intake – Stock +.100 long (1.900 Install) Exhaust - Stock +.100 long (1.900 Install)/ Valve Covers: Drilled for both, center and rail bolt/ Application: High Performance (i.e. street/strip/marine)/ Engine Size: 185cc - 350+cid / 6000 rpm, 195cc - 350cid - 383cid / 6500rpm, 210cc - 383cid-427cid / 7000rpm